MXZ 400

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Fitting Tip: For use with winter weight socks we recommend that you go 1 ~ 1.5 size up from your normal cycling shoes.

Winter Extreme – This last features our largest & tallest toe-box for ultimate insulation in extreme winter conditions. The Winter Extreme last allows the foot to maintain proper circulation even when thicker socks are worn. What's unique about our last is the cycling specific heel, instep and arch shape that still maintain proper conforming fit to keep your foot securely in place while riding or walking without the need to over tighten. Our Winter Extreme last continues to forge ahead to comfort and warmth for winter cycling footwear.

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Sub Zero rated rubber. Wide platform
rubber sole designed specifically for slippery conditions


Double the insulation (400g 3M Thinsulate) and built on
a cycling specific winter last, Pittards WR100 & Helcor
abrasion resistant leather, waterproof membrane


Tongue mounted plus additional side mounted IP1 Boa
lacing system

TEMPERATURE RATING Comfortable down to -20°C up to 0°C
Tip for keeping your shoes Water resistant: The uppers are treated from the factory with a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating that will ware away over time and use. Like many other water-resistant products, to help keep the shoe uppers from absorbing water that could migrate into the shoe, it is recommended to reapply the upper with a DWR spray which are readily available at most stores that sell outdoor products. We recommend reapplying the coating 1-2 times a year for moderate riders and for heavy use or daily commuter riders reapply at least after every 2-3 extreme wet rides. For best results follow the instructions from the DWR manufacture on how to reapply the coatings.


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