The technologies and materials we use in our shoes is what makes us unique. We work with some of the best known brands in the industry to augment our already elaborate R&D processes.

K-Lite kangaroo leather for Lake by Packer Leather, is the lightest, strongest & most durable natural leather. It utilizes multiple surface treatments to better protect & increase the comfort of your feet. Duratek treatment strengthens the leather & protects it from abrasion, & Microblok antimicrobial treatment renders the leather uninhabitable to microbes & germs.

Pittards® WR100 leather is a unique,highly water-resistant & breathable leather, specially engineered to retain softness & suppleness over time. Used in our extreme-condition shoes.

Helcor - Extremely durable leather with unique and abrasion resistant finishes. These leathers offer the great fit, feel & durability that Lake has based its reputation on.

ECCO Leather is a Premium grade leather with classic looks & incredible feel. It ages beautifully while maintaining breathability &  naturally adjusting to your foot.

Clarino Microfiber - Engineered in Japan to emulate leather as close as possible with many additional benefits. Up to 30% lighter than leather of the same thickness, fast drying and with great durability and surface finishes.

Carbitex CX6 – Made in the USA from carbon fiber, Carbitex CX6 has the highest tensile strength of any commercially available fiber, it doesn't stretch and is manufactured in an exceptionally flexible form -  enabling carbon fiber performance in soft applications.

Outlast® SmartFabric Technology uses microencapsulated Phase Change Material (mPCM), which works on a microscopic level to maintain a constant skin temperature. This acts as a buffer against the extreme temperatures generated during high activity. The result is cooler or warmer depending on your body’s need, drier, less sweaty, more comfortable feet.


NuFoamTM offers extreme breathability,light weight performance, moisture management and anti-microbial properties all in one package. The perfect technical material for the world’s most technical footwear.

Vibram® is the world leader in rubber soles for extreme athletic pursuits. Our three exclusive Vibram® soles are the first in the cycling world & set a new standard for function & durability in cycling shoes.

BOA®Closure System is a micro-cable closure system provides a fine-tunable, evenly-distributed closure that eliminates pressure points & hot spots. It is the first mechanical system to meet our exacting standards. Boa is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.

Syksól® Premium Footbeds utilize our High Performance Insoles technology to create a superior footbed package. The combination of technical fabrics with Syksól® function specific sole design allows for a footbed that has long lasting comfort as well as improved foot stability that are applicable across all footwear categories.


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