How to Heat Mold


-OVEN (large enough to fit shoes without the shoe touching the oven’s sides or heat elements)

-THERMOMETER (oven should be heated to 90°C / 200°F)

-TIMER OR CLOCK (shoe should be heated for 4-5 minutes)

-HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES (for handling warm shoes)

-ALUMINUM FOIL (to prevent wrinkling in the leather)

-Place thermometer in oven where it is easy for you to see



-Set oven to 90°C / 200°F then turn oven on.

-Allow 5-10 minutes to heat up to 90°C / 200°F before starting the molding process (if temperature is too hot, adjust oven settings and open the door to allow the temperature to adjust)



-Only mold one shoe at a time

-Remove any insoles/orthotics/wedges to avoid heat damage

-Close down the BOA dials to protect the BOA parts and shoe upper from too much heat exposure

-Wrap the toe of the shoe in aluminum foil to prevent possible wrinkling of the leather due to hot spots in your oven



-Place shoes in the oven with heels toward the back. Be careful to not let the shoe upper touch any hot parts of the oven.



-Start your timer for a recommended time of 4-5 minutes
-exceeding the recommended time could damage the shoe
-check the shoe after 4 minutes to see if pliable, if not leave in for 1 more minute

-Take care when removing the shoe from the oven to avoid burning your hand

-When removing the shoe from the oven, do not press or handle the shoe by the toe. This may cause the toe shape to deform

-Remove the shoe from the oven and check if pliable (handle the shoe by the midsection)

-Gently flex the upper heel to check if ready. Do not flex or apply too much pressure as this may damage the sole finish

-When in a seated position, put the shoe on (recommended that you wear cycling socks to get the best fit)

-Adjust the tongue and close the BOA dials. Do not over tighten the BOA dials; only close them to remove lace slack

-Gently press the heel area to mold to your heel. Use your foot as a counter mold to better shape the heel. A little force may be needed

-Gently press the edge to get a good shape. Pressing the heel up and back into the foot helps to capture the foot shape

-Your foot will settle back into the shoe. Adjust the BOA dial to take out any additional slack without over tightening

-Repeat the process for the other shoe


Ride with your new shoes:

-Try to identify any places in the moldable area where you have either pressure points or feel that the shoe is too tight

-Reheat the shoe and, using fingers at the points where you feel any problems, readjust


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How often can I reheat my shoe?

A: As often as you need. However, take care to not degrade the leather upper and adhesives

Q: How long can the shoe stay in the oven?

A: At max recommended temperature, do not leave in the oven for more than 5 minutes

Q: Is a second person needed?

A: No, the process can be done alone, however, a second person is recommended to make the fitting more accurate


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